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3ABN is the “Mending Broken People” family of networks. Each of our network channels contains original programming you won’t find anywhere else! Our television and radio programming is designed to reach into the hearts and lives of each listener, addressing their everyday problems and most urgent needs, and sharing the good news of salvation by grace through Christ, and His soon return.

3ABN | Three Angels Broadcasting Network

3ABN is our flagship television network. 3ABN provides a wide variety of the high quality Christian programming for all ages and interests, including Bible teaching, Christian music, health and cooking programs, children’s programming, and programs on family and society. See our programming page for a complete list.

3ABN President and Founder:

Danny Shelton |Contact| Administration

3ABN Dare to Dream Network

Dare to Dream Network is "Urban Christian Lifestyle Television." Crime, poverty, substance abuse, the erosion of the family unit, and chronic health concerns are just a few of the challenges facing urban residents. 3ABN Dare to Dream Network is designing programming that addresses these issues, with practical tools for living, and a spiritual perspective.

3ABN Dare to Dream Manager:

Yvonne Lewis-Shelton

3ABN Kids Network

A channel for kids of all ages! 3ABN Kids Network features children’s programming from our various networks, airing 24 hours a day. It’s a great way for kids to learn about Jesus, while enjoying fun crafts, stories, music, and much more. To see more details and resources for this network, please visit the 3ABN Kids Network website.

3ABN Kids Network General Manager:

Brenda Walsh |Contact

3ABN Français

3ABN Français is our French-language network. From its base in Martinique, in the French Caribbean, it is broadcast via cable and internet.

3ABN Français General Manager:

Moses Primo

3ABN Latino

3ABN Latino incorporates original programs of the same quality as our English channel, but specially produced for our Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking viewers. To see more details and resources for this network, please visit the 3ABN Latino Network website.

3ABN Latino General Manager:

John Dinzey |Contact

3ABN Proclaim!

3ABN Proclaim! 3ABN Proclaim! is a 24-hour preaching and teaching channel. It features many series that have aired on our 3ABN network, including favorites from the past. Tune in, and enjoy deep and life-changing messages from God’s Word, the Bible.

3ABN Proclaim! General Manager:

CA Murray

3ABN Russia

3ABN Russia has been producing Christ-centered programs since 1993. As a result, over 7,852 television programs and 3,278 radio programs have been made, 42,500 people have received free Bibles and 18,255 kids have been given children's Bibles, more than 8,000 people have completed Bible study courses and about 190,000 Christian booklets have been published and distributed.

The network provides 24-hour Internet broadcasting. Our programs are carried by 4 satellite channels, 88 television stations and 44 radio stations..

3ABN Russia General Manager:

Julia Outkina | Contact

Mailing address: 603028, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, PO Box 9

3ABN International

3ABN International More information coming soon.

3ABN Praise Him Music Channel

The 3ABN Praise Him Music Channel exists to Worship God, to encourage God's people, and to lead the world to Christ - all using Christian music and testimony. In John 12:32, Christ said that He would draw all men unto Himself if we would lift Him up. Our mission simply is to Praise Him .

3ABN Praise Him General Manager:

Tim Parton |

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